Flying Changes

Copy of Ex-Display Protector Riding Hat -Matt blue/Copper middle - size 55cm


Show off your sense of style in a PROtector Competitor riding helmet. This hat is manufactured to meet SNELL E2001, the highest manufactured standard for riding hats in the world, so you can be sure of getting the ultimate protection while still looking good.

 The PROtector Competitor also offers:

·         Designer style

·         Aircool Vents

·         Padded harness, with lacing to adjust fit

·         Unique colour designs

·         Optional personalisation

The tests of this standard are extremely agressive, including a unique test simulating a hit from a flying hoof or a rail.  The compression test gives the rider the best possible chance of survival should the horse roll over him/her or fall on him/her.  To achieve this, the helmet has an immensely strong carbon fibre reinforced shell, with a high density liner which can take huge impacts.