Flying Changes

Flying Changes Ladies Short Jacket, Charlotte , Navy, Pink, UK Size 20SPL, SALE

£249 £515

The Charlotte

This is our most popular style jacket and is suitable for all disciplines. An elegant, close fitting, four buttoned jacket, with slender twin vents to emphasise the waistline.


  • FC Navy technical fabric 
  • Contrast fabric - Fuchsia Pink
  • Our signature half reverse collar with white piping
  • Eurobotonia silver buttons
  • Peter x2 cuff detail

Custom Measurements

Waist: 110cm/43.5"

Shoulders: 13.8cm/5.5"

Hips: 131cm/51.5"

Back length: 63cm/25"

Upper arm width: 44cm/17.5"

Sleeve hem width: 38.5cm/15.25"


Our amazing new technical fabric is washable, breathable and durable, offering the perfect freedom of movement, yet still holding classical lines whilst worn. It has been tested for us by elite riders in extreme conditions and is so comfortable to ride in, you hardly know you are wearing a coat at all!