Flying Changes

SALE - Flying Changes Dressage Tailcoat, Isabell, Navy, Blue gold paisley trim SIZE 20SPL

£450 £749
The Isabell
This beautifully tailored tailcoat has lengthened front panels, four rows of buttons and back piping, creating an elegant profile and a modern look to the traditional tailcoat style. The tails are fully weighted and the fabric is a dream to ride in whatever the climate.
  • FC Black technical fabric
  • Contrast fabric - blue gold paisley
  • Our signature half reverse collar with white piping
  • Light brown crystal buttons
  • Peter double piping cuffs - blue gold paisley and champagne
  • Tail lining - Putty suede
  • Back piping - champagne
  • Tail piping - blue gold paisley and champagne

UK Size 20 with alterations

Waist to hem: 60.5cm
Waist: 109.5cm
Bust: 119cm
Width bottom front panels: 55cm
Upper arm width: 41.5cm

Our high-quality technical fabric has been developed exclusively for us. It has been tried and tested by elite riders in extreme conditions. Lightweight, washable,  breathable and so comfortable to wear you hardly know you are wearing a coat at all.


 Isabell Size Guide