Designed for work, rest and play!

The boots that adapt to your foot and leg.

Italian Artisan

A story that began in 1924, when the first Fabbri boots were conceived: since then we have not abandoned the desire to create an artisanal product of the highest quality, using the same manufacturing systems as in the past.

Highest Quality and Innovation 

Fratelli Fabbri boots are individually produced by hand with a totally artisanal manufacturing process: the techniques adopted involve long processing periods, up to 25 days, to guarantee a product of the highest quality and innovation .

Boots that mould to your foot and leg

The adaptability to the rider's foot and leg is certainly the strong point of the boots: after a short adjustment period, the Fabbri boot molds itself perfectly to the wearer's leg to guarantee maximum performance.

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                                                     FRATELLI FABBRI
                                                                            HANDMADE IN ITALY SINCE 1924

Cutting edge technical and construction characteristics.

All the components of Fabbri boots are absolutely natural: no plastic or synthetic materials are used which, in prolonged use, cause perspiration and fatigue.Fabbri products are a guarantee of a high level of hygiene and freshness.

Styled for comfort and durability


The exclusivity of Fabbri products is also given by the exclusivity of the materials chosen for their production: some types of leather are tanned exclusively for Fabbri production and subjected to periodic laboratory tests to ensure the maintenance of their initial characteristics without undergoing changes over time.

Paddock Boots for the Pub!

These stunning new boots are fully customised for a bespoke fit and design. 

Simply draw around your feet, measure the length and width and tell us your usual foot size. 

Then choose your leather colours and style. 

Introductory offer just £425.00

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