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Experience a personalised shopping journey like no other by visiting our new showroom in Cirencester. Discover the exquisite world of made-to-measure jackets, boots and custom-designed Kep and Kask Hats, tailored to your exact specifications. Skip the bustling trade show crowds and opt for private appointments for a truly exclusive experience. Our dedicated team of stylists is on hand to cater to your every need, offering expert advice on size, fit, fabrics, and design to ensure we create the perfect choice for you. 


Whether you're a first-time tailcoat buyer or seeking to elevate your current equestrian wardrobe, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Recognising the hectic schedules of riders, we gladly accommodate early evening and weekend appointments for your convenience. Rest assured, we value the significance of your purchase and are prepared to address any inquiries you may have before finalising your order. 

Book a half-day with friends to enjoy exclusive deals based on your total spend, along with a delightful light lunch for all. Elevate your equestrian style with us today.

Virtual Appointments are also available, to offer guidance on any part of the process. 

Head to Toe, for the Complete Look!

Kask, Kep Fabbri & Cavallo.png__PID:f6c465fc-15b5-4104-8eeb-b336632aed4d

Explore a world of equestrian fashion at our store, where we offer more than just jackets. We have emerged as the ultimate destination for all your equestrian essentials, ranging from jackets, hats, to boots, alongside accessories that perfectly complement your outfit. Our dedicated and experienced team is committed to curating exclusive and distinctive designs by skillfully pairing leathers and fabrics. Whether you are seeking timeless elegance or a modern edge, our highly trained staff caters to all ages, shapes, and sizes, ensuring a personalised shopping experience that is second to none. Discover the art of understated sophistication with us, where each visit promises to be a journey into unparalleled style and excellence.


Our founding director, Sarah Cheetham, epitomises the dedication to precision in all her pursuits. Recognising the demands of crafting made-to-measure boots, she embraced the opportunity to refine her expertise. With an exclusive invitation from the esteemed Vogel brand, Sarah committed three immersive days in New York to master the art of precise measurement. The meticulous process extended to detailed aspects like tape positioning, pen handling, and customer posture, each accurate down to 0.2 mm. Beyond honing her measuring skills, Sarah delved into the entire bespoke boot creation journey, from shaping patterns on the lasts to molding and stitching the leather and understanding the varies leather qualiites.  This unparalleled experience exemplifies Sarah's unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that every customer receives a tailored masterpiece with unparalleled precision.

Perfectly Matched Hats, Jackets & Boots

Truly unique and exclusive to us, we are able to offer the exact same leathers on both the hats and the boots, creating the perfect match. 


Fabbri, Cavallo & Vogel Boots

We are able to offer in stock standard sizes from £395.00 to fully made to measure from £785.00.  Meticulously crafted to perfection, each pair of Vogel boots will retail at just over £2,000


100's of in stock Jackets

Discover the perfect piece to take home instantly at our store with a vast range of in-stock items ready for you. If it requires a minor adjustment for a better fit, our skilled in-house seamstresses can take care of this too.
Additionally, explore our ex-display and end-of-line selections, offering fantastic deals on quality products. With quick lead times of just 5-6 weeks, on custom short coats, our expert team ensures that you swiftly step out in your ideal jacket. 


Kask Hats

For the past four years, these beautifully styled and elegant low-profile Kask hats have established themselves as the perfect partner to our sophisticated and timeless designs. Exclusively available through our brand, we take pride in offering custom hats crafted from a variety of high-quality materials including leathers, fabrics, sparkly glitters, and even wrapped aerators. With an array of options at your disposal, the possibilities for creating a unique and personalized look are truly limitless. Elevate your style with a custom hat that reflects your individuality and impeccable taste.

Any Colour any Design, Interchangeable Inserts

We are thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with KEP ITALIA and introduce their innovative interchangeable inserts. This new concept allows endless possibilities as we can effortlessly switch between leathers, fabrics, or even wrap the inserts in a myriad of colours. You can choose from endless options, leather look, carbon fiber, sparkly, polish, matt or even your own logo or design. These versatile finishes are not only scratch-resistant but also dynamic, transforming in different lighting conditions. The best part is that they can be changed repeatedly without ever needing to replace the hat. Additionally, we offer the option to fully wrap the hat in any color imaginable. For just £99.00, customers can purchase single inserts with a new hat in any finish they desire, making it a truly customizable and practical accessory for everyone.

Image 16-05-2024 at 20.23.jpeg__PID:0a6eb828-9577-4686-9dbf-11a4f54b9403

Kep Hat 


Interchangeable Inserts


Kep Hat

Patent, Semi Patent or Regular Leathers

All three brands offer a variety of styles for jumping, dressage, polo and training. There are options for standard sizes, semi made to measure and full made to measure, dependent on your needs. The choice of customisation between them is breathtaking. 

Fabbri lead-time is just 5-6 Weeks!! 


Cavallo Dressage 


A variety of styles 


Fabbri Jumping 

Hats that know no limits!

If you can imagine it, we can produce it.

Image 16-05-2024 at 20.30.jpeg__PID:c74a4c90-c3bd-495f-b21b-057e1dd8212b

Kask wrapped aerator 


Kep bespoke insert

Image 16-05-2024 at 20.27 2.jpeg__PID:b8289577-e686-4dbf-91a4-f54b9403b9b1

Kask wrapped aerator. 

Cirencester the Capital of the Cotswolds!

Bring a non horsey partner and enjoy the historic Roman town of Cirencester. Filled with historical exploration, leisurely activities, delightful dining experiences and an array of unique independent shops and boutiques.


Cirencester Town Center

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Delightful Dinning Experiences 

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Delightful Dinning Experiences

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