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The new colour rule changes from
Jan 1st 2024 - means there has never been a better time to upgrade your show coat!

Dressage and Show Jumping riders in the UK and US are no longer restricted by the 37% hue valuation rule or conservative colours - This means the colour can be of any shade or tone. Event riders must still wear a conservative colour but are not restricted to navy or black.

However, with choice comes decisions and of course in our sport, there are two of you to complement!!
So let's take a look at some of the main points to consider.

The benefits of wearing colours that suit you and your horse.

Colour is the number one thing that consistently surprises and delights our customers but also what can cause the most confusion.

We literally have hundreds of colours to offer now but that sheer amount of diversity and choice can lead to total overwhelm. 

Without some expert advice, riders often stick with the safe colours, like black, navy or grey. Of course these neutrals do look wonderful on some people, but they can also lack the personality and energy of other colours.
Dressed in your best colours, you will radiate from the inside out in a way that isn't possible with neutrals. Colours have such an enormous power over how we look and feel, and as well as affecting the aesthetics of your image, they also impact your mood and confidence.
All of which can greatly affect your ability to perform in the arena. Take a look at the three images below, it is exactly the same image, yet the bronze and teal colours exude an appearance of confidence that the black, simply can not match. Of course it is not neccessary to be quite so bold but we wanted to demonstrate the point. 

Feel The Power & Confidence the Pefect colour can create

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Which colours complement
you the best?

The easiest way to help you determine what colours to go for, is based on the concept of warm and cool.

Warm colours have a golden yellow or orange tone. In nature, these colours are vivid and energetic.

Cool colours have a blue or silver tone. In nature, these colours are soothing and calming.

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The key to choosing flattering colours is to understand if your natural colouring is either warm or cool, and then 'match' your jacket colours or at least the contrast trim.
 It is important to note that the colours that most affect how you look are those that you wear next to your face, so the colour of the collar of your coat is really important.

You are warm if your skin has a warm, golden look to it. You may or may not be tanned, but there will be a yellow/golden tone to your appearance. You look better in gold instead of silver.

You are cool if your skin has rose/pink or blue tones which may be fair or dark. If you tan, you will have a more ash-based colour than golden. You look better in silver instead of gold.
If you still aren't sure if you are warm or cool, ask yourself if you look better wearing orange or pink? If the answer if orange, you're warm. If the answer is pink, you're cool.


So this rider has cool skin tones and therefore the dark brown, which perfectly complements her horse, would normally be hard for her to wear. 
However, we were able to soften this colour for her by adding  the champagne and beige paisley contrast trim to the collar. We also popped it in the Bespoke Kask helmet, to completely frame her face, creating the perfect look for her skin tone. 

Softening a darker main fabric 


This rider falls between the two skin tones so we did the opposite. The cooler tan colour of the main fabric, needed to be warmed up a little for her complexion so we added some darker tones to the collar and stock, framing her face. Ideally we would have placed these warmer colours through a hat also. 

Warming a cooler main fabric 


This rider naturally has warm skin tones and therefore could easily wear the darker shade of brown through the jacket and hat, without the need to soften it with paler colours for her. 

Main fabric perfectly matching
the skin tone 

Still unsure if a colour is right for your? 

We always invite our clients to stand in front of a mirror wearing a jacket in the colour they are condsidering. We then lay possible contrast colours on their shoulder to see the effect this gives. 
You can also do this at home, stand in front of a mirror and close your eyes for a few seconds then open them. A colour is right for you if:
You look healthy and your eyes sparkle

The colour will look in harmony with your natural colouring

You will see your face first, not the colour

Red flags that a colour isn't right for you:
 You will appear washed out and pale and dark circles will be highlighted.

The colour will 'sit' on you

You will see the colour first, not you.

Remember: the best colours harmonise with you - that means they have the same characteristics as your natural colouring, which is determined by your eyes, skin and hair colour. 

The Ultimate Power Suit

"There is an unmistakable feeling of a Flying Changes jacket. It's the ultimate power suit. When I'm in mine, I feel elegant, strong, sophisticated and pretty much like I can take over the world. There are no other jackets with the same quality out there." Abi Lyle International Dressage Rider who represented Ireland at the World Equestrian Games in 2022 and European Championships in 2023. 

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