Please use these charts to help you determine the most suitable size for you. Comparing our sizes with a garment you already have is a really good way to do this and there is a link to our video guides to show you just how simple it is to do. 

These sizes are our standard UK/US and German sizes but we are of course able to offer smaller and larger custom sizes. 
We also offer a standard long in our short styles for both men and women at no extra charge. This will increase the sleeve and back length by 3cm

Please note the finished garment measurements will be significantly larger than your own body measurements.

Finished garment measurements are given in cms and the expected body measurements in both cms and inches

To compare the FGM with an existing jacket click here for our video guide to measuring.

Size Chart for ladies short jacket styles - Charlotte and Gina

Size Chart for ladies short and long tailcoat styles - Isabell and Catherine

Men's sizing charts - the actual body measurements will have a tolerance of approximately 1/2" either way

Sizing Chart for men's short jacket - Cameron

Sizing Chart for men's tailcoat - Carl