Flying Changes

When a brand is more than just a brand - it's a Statement!


A beautifully tailored, tastefully designed, well fitting coat, says so many things, not just to the onlookers, but most importantly to the riders themselves.

It gives them a sense of self belief, a sense of self worth and inner strenght, a feeling that on that day, they have the ability to achieve their goals, without compromise.

Design Studio

Sarah is the founder and director of Flying Changes Bespoke Jackets and Tailcoats.
She is an International Dressage Trainer, Grand Prix rider and BD listed judge.

A brand that was founded from her own personal experience, that a well fitting, beautifully tailored coat, really is performance related.

Lillie Keenen
International US SJ 
GBR Event Team
W.E.G. 2018 
Charlotte Dujardin CBE
Olympic Gold medalist 

When you are selected by the British Equestrian Federation and 5 other Nations, to design, produce and tailor the coats for their most elite riders, to wear in the most important competition of their lives - you know you’ve got it right.

“ When competing at this level, it's important that I feel completely comfortable in the products I choose to wear and that I feel elegant as I ride.

These jackets are of exceptional quality and beautifully tailored so they deliver on that too.

Often imitated but never equalled, these jackets are simply incomparable in my opinion, as is the passion of the founder behind them - I would choose nothing else!”
- Charlotte Dujardin CBE

"To put on a tailcoat is so much more than putting on a piece of competition wear. It always feels like the moment when all the years of training finally reach a point that you can be proud of.
I have been working with Flying Changes for many years now and the coats are simply incomparable.

They have been worn in many of our career defining moments. The possibilities to customise and create the coat you have always envisioned is a lovely experience, alongside working with one of the nicest teams I have ever known." - Carl Hester MBE

“ Having used Flying Changes for the production of our Team coats for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games , the attention to detail, excellent service and genuine desire to produce the perfect coat was second to none.

Sarah and her team are truly committed to producing lovely pieces , the style and fit of each and every jacket was outstanding”.

Sarah Armstrong, Ex - Head of Performance Operations BEF

Design Studio