Video Guide Tutorials for using the Design Studio

Our Design Studio is very easy to use and lots of fun but please be patient if your internet speed is not fast, the backend is extremely complex and it sometimes takes a few moments to load your selections. 

It is very intuitive and once you have mastered the initial concept, there are literally hundreds of different variations to choose from. 

Here are just some simple steps to help you get started and get a feel for how it works.  You do not have to follow the order exactly and you can go back and change selections at any time but please follow our guide to changing the main fabric, otherwise you will be selecting from the wrong section. 

If you click any of the images it will take you directly to the relevant video. We have deliberately not used a voice over, as we have 1,000's of customers all over the world, speaking many different languages. 

Once you have created your design, add to cart. A form will appear where you can tell us the exact size and adjustments if you know them and add any additional notes you would like to tell us. If you don't know your size don't worry we will help you submit this at a later stage. 
Hit save and then add to cart again for the design to land in your basket. 

Please also see our FAQ's for more general questions. 

You will find a guide to our fabrics on the fabrics tab itself and also here.


Choose Main Fabric

 The first stage is to select your main fabric colour. If you are not sure about the fabrics, click the link at the top to take you to our fabric properties page. 


Choose Collar Detail

The next step is to choose your collar style and colours. Just have a play with the various options and choose a contrast colour to see what it looks like. 


Collar Piping

You can simply have an edge piping or you can add this to a previously selected style. 


Choose Cuff Detail

  Next choose your cuff detail, we usually recommend you keep the same contrast fabric as the collar.


Choose Buttons

Next choose your buttons. 


Choose Contrast Vents

If you would like contrast vents you can select them here. 


Change Main Fabric

It is important to follow the instructions here, you must return to the main fabric section, otherswise you will choose farbics that are not suitable as main fabrics. 


Tailcoat Guide

Here you will find the guide to the extra details on a tailcoat, such as the lining of the tails. 


Tail Piping

 There are several options here, including upper back and double piping. 

We hope you enjoy our Design Studio and have fun, creating the coat of your dreams.

There are lots more options to choose, including matching stocks and bibs (£45 - £55) and contrast button holes and stitching. However, once you have a feel for how it works, these are quite easy to do.

There is a magnifying tool on the top right to allow you to see the smaller details more clearly.

Once you have clicked the checkout button and filled the form in if you wish to, hit save and then hit add to cart again for your design to land in your basket. There will be plenty of opportunities to review your design before it goes into production and we can advise you on any of your choices. 

We are of course always here to help you with any queries you may have.