Instruction for 3D Scanner

Instruction for 3D Scanner

Instructions for using the 3D Body Scanner App.

This really couldn’t be simpler and it takes just 3 mins !!

Tap on the "What’s my size" button with a Smart phone and the App will automatically download - then just follow the instructions. ( If you have been working from a computer you can tap the button here and a QR code will show - take a photo of this with your smart phone and the App will again automatically download)
Once you have finished the scan return to the original page on our website again, here you will see all your measurements have been automatically downloaded into the form and you simply push the send button to send them to us. 
The App is taking a scan of the outer surface of your body, so for accurate measurements please follow these guidelines carefully.
  1. Only wear dark tight fitting clothing or underwear (preferably just underwear) 
  2. Make sure the background is a plain wall.
  3. Make sure you have good lighting.
  4. The height you enter is important, so don’t guess and if you have long hair put it in a bun but not on top of your head as this will effect your height. 
  5. If the App continues to say “Perfect - Don’t move” something is wrong - maybe lighting or background so adjust accordingly and obviously you must stay still!! Usually the process takes no more than 3 mins. 

The scans of you are not seen by us, our system creates a 3D avatar of your body shape based on 120 different measurements. Our experienced tailors will use these measurements to create your own bespoke pattern. These are fed into a computer, which generates the pattern and this data is then shared with the laser cutter. 

This "state of the art" German technology enables us to create perfect pieces for our customers, time and time again, with under  1% requiring any further adjustments.