Design Studio Instructions

Have fun designing any garment from scratch, using our amazing new Design Studio. Choose fabrics, colours, details and buttons as you go. You can even share your design, by using the save image tab, with your friends on social media!

Any simple adjustments to fit can also be made, if for example, you know you require an extra inch on the sleeves. Otherwise we will take this information from you at a later stage.

Just scroll down the page, select the style you would like, scroll down again until you you see the CUSTOMISE button on the right. Hit this and you are ready to start designing!

The design studio is very easy to use, just work your way through the different options on the left, you can go back and select different options at any time.

We have also created these short videos to help you.

Only pay a deposit today - we will contact you when your order is ready, to collect the balance.

If you select a wool fabric, Swing or PH there is a surcharge of £60 for a short coat and £75.00 for a tailcoat.

Please see our Fabric Guide here

All our garments come with contrast over stitching and buttonholes as standard, please tell us in the notes if you do not require this.
Here you can also tell us any other requirements you would like to have.

You can now easily and accurately submit your body measurements using our new

Design Studio