Two Simple Steps to Ordering online

Here at Flying Changes, we are passionately driven to making sure, when you open your Flying Changes box, you instantly fall in love with your new coat!

We take an enormous amount of care, to ensure we get the best possible fit for you and we have under 1% of garments that need any further alterations.

Why? Because if we don't get it right, for whatever reason, we will put it right for you, even if it means, re-making the coat at our expense, that is how much we care!

We have 1,000's of delighted customers, worldwide, so don't worry you really are in safe hands! 

Please also see our guaranteed promise of fit, for standard sized garments bought through the website. 
Guaranteed Promise of Fit

Ordering online in two easy steps. 

Step 1) Go to the Design Studio, scroll down, click on the style you would like and scroll down again to find the CUSTOMISE button on the right.

Now you can truly design the coat of your dreams, choosing fabrics, colours, details and buttons as you go, in the  most exciting way imaginable!

You will find video tutorials here if you need them.

The design does not need to be perfect at this stage, we will review it with you and make any changes necessary before it goes into production. Then just select an approximate size and add to cart.

If for any reason you are struggling to use our configurator, just click here choose the design you wish to customise and we will help you through the whole process and create the CADS for you. 

We just take a deposit of £200.00 at this stage. 

Step 2) Once we have received your order, we will tell you how to submit your measurements. It is very easy, we have an incredible new 3D body scanner that takes just 3 mins to use and then just a few simple questions and some photographs, we will help you ever step of the way. 

Click here for more detailed instructions.

And that's it! Couldn't be easier and we have under 1% of garments requiring further alterations!

Find out more about our incredible service!